News and Notices:

Election Results:
Selectman (3 Years): Richard Hiland-57 votes
Supervisor of the Checklist (4 Years): Denise Hiland 55 votes
Cemetery Trustee (3 years): Kathleen Vizard 35 votes
                                                    Joseph Ferris     24 votes
Cemetery Trustee (1 Year): Paul Brown 53 votes
Trustee of the Trust Funds (3 Years): Andy Davis 1 write in vote
                                                                    Kathy Vizard 1 write in vote
                                                                    Leah Valladares 1 write in vote
                                                                    Mary Leavitt 1 write in vote
                                                                    Mr. Ponzi 1 write in vote
                                                                    Sara Knox 1 write in vote
                                                                    Steve Knox 1 write in vote
                                                                     June Johnson 1 write in vote

School Results:
School Board Member (3 Years): Joseph Ferris 42 votes
School Board Member (2 Years): Stanley Solomon 11 write in votes
School Moderator (1 Year): Edward Alkalay 57 votes
School Treasurer (1 Year): Colleen Cormack 56 votes
School Clerk (1 Year): Colleen Cormack 56 votes

Planning Board Article Results:
Article 2: 38 yes votes     15 no votes
Article 3: 40 yes votes     11 no votes
Article 4: 41 yes votes     13 no votes
Article 5: 48 yes votes     8 no votes
Article 6: 36 yes votes     15 no votes
Article 7: 48 yes votes     8 no votes

2016 Town Reports are now available at town hall.

Public Notice:
The Town of Albany announces its annual spring
posting of roads, effective Thursday, March 2, 2017.
Vehicles exceeding a gross weight of 6 tons are
prohibited from using Town Roads until further notice.

The weekly Selectmen’s meetings have been moved to the first four Wednesdays of each month beginning at 5:00 p.m.



Welcome to the beautiful town of
Albany, New Hampshire

Granted as Burton November 6, 1766 and incorporated as Albany July 2, 1833. Albany is home to the famed Mount Chocorua, claimed to be the most photographed mountain in the northeast. The town of Albany is comprised of 86% White Mountain National Forest. 

Through the White Mountain National Forest is the Kancamagus Highway and the many parks and campgrounds that it possesses. One of the many famed campgrounds in Albany is the Covered Bridge Campground.  The Covered Bridge itself is a prized possession to the town as it is sought out by many visitors every year.